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Peter Lovesey µ 9 SUMMARY READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub µ Peter Lovesey CHARACTERS Killing with Confetti Peter Diamond #18 Nstable A uncomfortable set of in laws would be hard to imagine But mothers and sons are a formidable force a wedding in the Abbey and reception in the Roman Baths are arranged before the career obsessed DCC can step in Peter Diamond Bath’s head of CID is appalled to be put in charge of security on the day Ordered to be discreet he packs a gun and a guest list in his best suit and must somehow cope with potenti. A lot of people liked this book However I was one of the few that didn t care for it Really there was nothing special about I felt there just wasn t a lot to the mystery I didn t even really find anything exciting about any of the characters I would have given this 1 star but everything did work out in the end

CHARACTERS Killing with Confetti Peter Diamond #18Killing with Confetti Peter Diamond #18

Peter Lovesey µ 9 SUMMARY READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub µ Peter Lovesey CHARACTERS Killing with Confetti Peter Diamond #18 Al killers gang rivals warring parents bossy photographers and straying bridesmaids The laid back Joe Irving seems oblivious to the danger he is in from rival gang leaders while Brace can’t wait for the day to end Will the photo session be a literal shoot Will Joe Irving’s speech as father of the bride be his last words Can Diamond pull off a miracle avert a tragedy and send the happy couple on their honeymoo. Filled with surprising plot twists illuminated with tense well written scenes between interesting but easy to relate to people and set against a Bath I know well Killing With Confetti was excellent entertainment I only discovered Peter Lovesey s series about Bath based police detective Peter Diamond last year For once I didn t go back to the beginning but dived it at book seventeen in the series Beau Death because I couldn t resist the premise of a long dead body dressed as Beau Nash being found as a building is demolished I had such a good time with that that I bought book eighteen Killing With Confetti as soon as it came out It was also an entertaining read although uite different from the previous book It opens with a set of scenes about a prison riot and a related abduction Peter Diamond was nowhere to be seen but I didn t miss him because I rapidly became absorbed in what was happening in the prison The scenes were tense laced with a little humour and kept me turning the pages by going places I didn t expect When we do get to Peter Diamond there is no obvious link to the start of the book Peter has been dragooned by the Deputy Chief Constable to provide personal protection to the father of the woman the DCC s son is getting married to a local and much feared crime boss who has just been released from prison In the story that follows we get an close up look at how posh weddings in Bath are staged Ceremony at the Abbey and reception at private suite in the Roman Baths follow an assassin planning and executing a hit meet a truly scary hard man and watch Peter Diamond deal effortlessly with politicking senior officers but struggle when faced with tiny but wild bridesmaids and their not so tiny but really wanting to be wild mothers I enjoyed the mix of tension and humour in the storytelling It kept things human without taking away a sense of threat The details of Bath were spot on I now know exactly how to plan to execute someone at a wedding in the Abbey and get away with it I doubt that s knowledge I ll use but it was amusing to see such dramatic events worked out in my town The ending tugged hard on my suspension of disbelief but never actually snapped it I ll be back for Peter Diamond next year I may even drop back in time and read some of the earlier books Peter Wickham does an excellent job as the narrator You can hear a sample of his work by clicking on the SoundCloud link below

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Peter Lovesey µ 9 SUMMARY READ & DOWNLOAD ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub µ Peter Lovesey CHARACTERS Killing with Confetti Peter Diamond #18 Peter Lovesey MWA Grand Master and titan of the English detective novel returns readers to Bath with the eighteenth mystery in his critically acclaimed Peter Diamond seriesAs a New Year begins in Bath Ben Brace proposes to his long term girlfriend Caroline the daughter of notorious crime baron Joe Irving who is coming to the end of a prison sentence The problem is that Ben’s father George is the Deputy Chief Co. This is a mystery and this is the 18th book in the Peter Diamond series Caroline is the daughter of Joe a notorious crime baron and she is marring Ben the son of the Deputy Chief Constable Joe gets out of prison right before the wedding and decides he wants to pay from the wedding and be a part of it Of course their is people that wants to kill Joe so their are extra police officers at the wedding Of course the wedding come not go off without any problems You will have to read the book to find out what happens I really enjoyed reading this book and it was a fast moving book I also really liked the ending of the book