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Volver a Assam Aromas de té #3 Free read ï 104 Parece a un paso de alcanzar sus ambiciones la joven llama la atención de un apuesto príncipe un juerguista encantador ue dará al traste con sus sueñosTres años más tarde el escenario de su vida ha cambiado completamente En Inglaterra a las puertas de la segunda guerra mund. Rating 4050A wonderful historical fiction that takes you to India in the 1930s 1940s Part of the events take place in England as well I love the fine details the author used for that era This is the third book in the India Tea series and you can read it as a separate story that is what I did however it seems that you would understand some of the characters better if you read the first two books But this book can still be read separately because the protagonist Adela is just 11 years old and the book concentrates on her story for about 10 years or so Her relationship with her family with her friends love interests aunt etcThe book is captivating and very well written specially the details of how British people were living in India prior to India s independence I also liked a lot how the author used world war II within the story The characters are very detailed and distinctive I would recommend this book because you will not enjoy it just because of the protagonist s main story but also because of the book s historical and social aspectsNote I have won a free copy of this book by participating in a giveaway

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Volver a Assam Aromas de té #3 Free read ï 104 La India 1933 Adela Robson es una adolescente ue escapa de la escuela decidida a perseguir su pasión por la interpretación En Shimla la sede veraniega del Gobierno imperial se entrega a cuantas diversiones ofrece la sociedad india de la época a una hermosa debutante Pero cuando. This book was set in India towards the end of British rule and it gave you a good picture of how British colonial society worked It was very interesting and historically accurate The writing was very descriptive and it was easy to picture the exotic settings that were a part of the story I enjoyed reading itThe main character was Adela a girl whose parents owned a tea plantation Adela has a great grandmother who was Indian and works at keeping this secret so that she can function in British colonial society She ran away from a boarding school because of the harassment that she received from a group of girls girl bullies are not a new thing Her parents send her to school in Simla after that and she boards with a British widow Adela has a passion for the theater and singing and she joins in the local theater group after she finishes school Her performances in the theater generate a great deal of attention from many admirers including a wealthy Indian princeAdela has a schoolgirl crush on Sam Jackson that started when he aided her escape from boarding school and grows into love as she ages She and Sam encounter each other numerous times during the course of the story and though they both have feelings for each other neither of them feels free to act on those feelings for many yearsAdela leaves India for a visit to England to visit her relatives and recover from the death of her father and a romance that ended in heartbreak When she arrives in England she finds that she is pregnant and with the help of friend hides away until she gives birth and turns the baby over to a church group for adoption To get past the heartbreak in her life she focuses on her acting and singing Adela finds some success in the theater and after the start of WW2 she joins ENSA to perform for the troops To get back to her family in India she volunteers to perform there After her return to India she encounters Sam again and finally acts on her feelings for himOne thing that I really liked about this book was that it went into the problems of the Anglo Indian people who were caught between two worlds and did not fit in either The writer also showed how turbulent the political situation was in India towards the end of British rule This is one of the few books that mentions the fighting that went on in Malaysia and India during WW2 For those who enjoy tea the book will give you a good education on how tea is grown processed and blendedI received an ARC from Net Galley in return for an honest review

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Volver a Assam Aromas de té #3 Free read ï 104 Ial Adela se encuentra despojada de esperanzas y cariño además de esconder un vergonzoso secreto Su amor por la escena se ha transformado en un desesperado intento de hallar el camino de vuelta a casa Solo una voluntad y fuerza excepcionales podrían llevarla de regreso a la Ind. Not too bad of a book I t wasn t what I expected it to be but It was enjoyable I like reading historical fiction and this one about colonial India fit the bill A An Anglo Indian girl named Adela dreams of leaving her family and India and becoming an actress Pitfalls along the way romances etc I am sure there are many readers out there who will love this book In exchange for a fair review I received a Kindle copy from Netgalley