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  • The October Horse
  • Colleen McCullough
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  • 03 July 2017
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Free download Ç The October Horse 105 characters The October Horse Erit the throne of Roman power But in the shadows of the empire the talk is of murder Who among his associates has the cunning and skill to fell the fierce leader and brave the dangerous conseuences of that cataclysmic act. McCullough is a masterful storyteller and her love and mastery of Roman history shines brightly in her Roman fiction This book in her Masters of Rome series gives us the story of Julius Caesar in his prime the beginnings of discontent within a faction of the Patricians in Rome the plot and execution thereof to kill him the rivalry between Octavius and Mark Anthony following his death and the ultimate rise of Octavian who would eventually become known as Augustus Caesar Julius Caesar s legitimate heir I learned so much about Roman politics with this book I also learned the fate of the liberators those who had hatched the plot to kill CaesarThe love betwee Cleopatra and Julius Caesar was a bit cold and calculating for my taste but possibly that was the way it was in real lifeJust as the Romans sacrificed a winning race horse each October the great Caesar who was so successful as Roman dictator and worshipped after death as a god was sacrificed by his so called friends and countrymen thus the title of the book

characters The October Horse

The October Horse

Free download Ç The October Horse 105 characters The October Horse The last days of the Roman Republic Gaius Julius Caesar is both adored and despised but his rule is unshakable Forced by civil war to leave his beguiling mistress Cleopatra Caesar turns his eye to the future who is to inh. Not uite as good as the rest of the series yet still excellent Sermons and Discourses 1730 1733 The Works of Jonathan Edwards Series Volume 17 yet still excellent

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Free download Ç The October Horse 105 characters The October Horse With her renowned storytelling gifts in full force Colleen McCullough delivers a breathtaking novel that is both grand in scope and vivid in detail and proves once again why she is the top historical novelist of our timeIn. The easiest way to become an expert in the end of the roman republic and later the end of Ceasar is to read this seriesHistorical novels always walks a line of historical correctness and entertainment i thought this series managed to provide both which is an impressive feat considering the extensive amount of information available for this time periodThis series follows the most important romans and their families for two generationsThe rise to power of the succesful battlecommander Gaius Marius the following period under Sulla the dictator the triumvirat between Pompeius Magnus crassus and Ceasar Ceasars campaigns in france and germany his return to rome and his murder Each book ends with an afterword where McCullough explains what she have made up what is speculation and what we knowThere are even a lot of authentic drawings based on bustes of the real people in the storyThis is my favorite non fantasy series Really fascinating stuff